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This is a rant of personal frustration. Once upon a time I attempted to identify as two-spirit when I learned the definition of the identity. For those that don’t know, it is a gender identity that means your spirit (or for the purposes of this blog; soul) holds within it parts of both masculinity and femininity. Once upon a time it had to be gifted onto a person by an elder, but nowadays people are able to proclaim it for themselves.

The only restraint? You have to be Native American.

Question. What does my race have to do with my soul? Race and birthright are things that we are born into in the physical world based on region and culture, e.g. a social construct. Our physical bodies have “race”, that is the color of our skin and the physical differences we have based on climate and interbreeding for evolutionary survival traits. This is why Africans typically have coarser hair that retains more moisture, and Asians have doubled eyelids to deal with high wind speeds and storms. Native Americans and Caucasians and [Arctic peoples] and [etc] each have their own physical adaptations. But none of these adaptations have a single effect on our souls. Our souls are of one type, because they are not affected by the physical world, and are even difficultly affected by the magickal intermediary world. So what reason do different races, different physicalities, have to make judgements on something that BY DEFINITION is an aspect of the soul?!

I want to say that there is none, but that would be denying metaphysics. In this case, it is a question of ethics of social constructs. So here’s argument #2:

I am a spiritualist. Despite primarily defining myself as pagan, I am a henotheist. Henotheists accept multiple or even all divine, but may not necessarily accept the written word. I believe in Jesus, as can be ascertained from my terminology post, but I also believe in divines like the Huntsman, Yggdrasil,  Gaia, K’rishna (based on one of many spellings of Sanskrit translation), and many more whom I don’t know the name of. This includes all the divine of the North American continent, including lesser spirits. What further is there to knowing that I am one with the spiritual world, a son or daughter of divinity around the globe? What more needs to be said for me to identify my soul with parts both masculine and feminine. It is not my choice to identify this way, it is only my choice to express it with a word. And I want to choose that word to be Two-Spirit. Or I want to describe it as Two-Spirit.

This title, though it belong to a specific culture of peoples, works with the philosophy that I have spelled out in this blog, that my soul and my heart-brain-integrated-interaction forms my spirit. I know in my mind that my soul is genderless. I know in my mind that I have gender traits of both masculinity and femininity outwardly expressed. I know that while I wish and identify with a physical female body, that internally I am “genderqueer”. But the fact that I view my truest gender spiritually, and not simply as an affection (noun. orig. philosophy: a contingent, alterable, and accidental state or quality of being.) of my physical psychological state nor as an affection of my raising, then I should be allowed to identify as spiritually bi-gender, i.e. Two-Spirit.


I often say that I am jumping or diving when talking about projection, but what do these terms really mean? How are they useful and how are they different? And what is needed to perform them?

Jumping is a word I picked up from the movie Jumper, but in relation to the soul. Jumping means that your soul completely leaves your body (solid soul movement) and can move anywhere in reality, including other planes and dimensions. This method is the only method that can move into realms guarded by gates.

On the other side we have diving, which I call so because it is a much gentler form of movement and limited by the ocean that is this reality. The analogy also includes the fact that water for a diver is like a protective force that slows falling speed and can be used to swim back through, while in opposition jumping has no passive safety net.

When jumping, you need to make sure you have a way back to your body, whether it be by anchors or alternative means. Anchors are a kind of soul magick that is used as a catalyst for enchantments and barriers. Since the anchor is placed directly on the soul, normal enchantments and barriers will last considerably longer than they would otherwise, and can be stacked more than normally. I personally prefer anchors, except that anchors is a very dangerous form of magick to apply, and I’ve only used it upon request. I also always inform my requestee that since anchors are placed directly onto a soul (soul forging) instead of on a person or the person’s spirit, that they are aware of the danger if I mess up or if they don’t follow the rules during casting. The casting time is also quite long for spells of the anchor’s level and possibly impossible to remove lest soul fracturing occurs.

Alternatively you can follow ley lines back to your body, but mapping ley lines can be extraordinarily difficult, especially if you are traveling between realities (aka dimensions). The ley lines method is similar to the bread crumbs method of hiking, and reliant on memory, which can be partially lost when leaving the body.

So what can I use jumping and diving for? Diving is mostly used for astral projection, and is generally localized to earth and planar shifting. Planar shifting is the practice of moving your soul between spiritual or elemental planes (aka realms), NOT dimensional planes. Diving is most often used to enter the spiritual realm, as elemental realms can leave residual influence on your soul and attach to your spirit. Diving can also be used for more local projection, which can be used to just explore your surroundings, although for some reason sight is better in the spiritual realm than the human realm. If you’ve ever played a videogame that has “fog” when you go too far outside the map, that is what often happens with projecting.

Jumping is safest used when in the care of an avatar. Avatars are vessels (living things) that either agree to being used or are taken. This is one of those cases where the term possession may come into play, but most humans cannot perform a possession as it is generally only possible for a divine being (gods, demons, etc). When jumping between dimensions, most humans may only use “themselves” as an avatar, and that “self” must agree to “sharing”. For more information on this relation, read this post.

Gates, which I won’t fully talk about in this post, can also be used as a “shortcut”. In my post about how magick works, I talk about magical IDs. Gates have their own sets of IDs and, if memorized (you will literally have to sit at and study a gate, not just use it a lot) can be used to find your way between specific dimensions. Dimensional Gates (not the same as Divine Gates, but the same type of magic) are an ease of access bypass, meaning that once you use it once, you will probably be able to get through without needing to re-unlock it. Consider a gate a lock, while your soul once through becomes a password. Isn’t password memory nice? Divine Gates do not offer this ease of access bypass.

–Recently I have had difficulty jumping, but the dimension I jump to that I mentioned in an earlier post is a place I still go often– This is because of the gate bypass. I can jump to this dimension without any issues, but if I want to go somewhere new I have been having issues even getting to the gates.

Coming Soon

Edit 11/4/2015: I’ll try hard to cover all these posts over Winter Break. I encountered some issues with my previous college that put a hold on everything.

Edit 3/30/2015: I still plan on keeping up with this blog, but school has taken some priority since I’m graduating soon. I should be able to post the prior mentioned updates over Summer, but I will also be writing a philosophy book (OMG) in the range of 100+ pages. So… I might be busy still. But I’m going to University in Fall and should actually have more time to work on this blog — I’ve even considered getting a website but the domain name I want is in use as of last month so I need extra money to buy it… sigh.

Posted 6/6/2014
I did not practice magick theory for a long time as I had some more immediate concerns, but this blog should be getting a huge update in the coming months. Here is a list of the posts I want to cover:

Artifacts; Divine and Man-Made

Visual Magick: Forced Manipulation of the Senses

Magick with Chemical Assistance? Safety?

Jumping and Diving: A Brief Overview of Soul Magick ✓

Past Lives: What They Mean and Letting Go

Human Limitation: Earth Angels?!

God Magick: Why We Can’t Even Begin

The Secondary level of Water magick is tricky. It regards the flow of all matters, not just the liquid we can see and touch. It is what makes light bend. Which means it is MUCH harder to use as a human than even some tertiary magick. I leave it at ??? because I can’t even think of a word for it.

It is something that can be called upon, although I do not think it can be done consciously. I think it can only be used, at least by humans, during those states of fight or flight adrenaline rush, and even then it is unlikely. It only happened to me once, of all the time’s I’ve been in that state. I’ve seen other people use it, though they may be Earth Angels. I presume it also takes a hefty toll on the body. I know it did for me. It’s one of those things that puts you out of commission for a week, if not probably into a coma.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about control magic. How to go about it, and I realized something. I realized that psychic and psychokinetic power will never be as strong as physical magick for humans. For gods it may be easy enough to psychically think of something moving, volcanoes exploding, et cetera. Whatever they feel like doing.

So anywho, today I’d like to cover some magick that may or may not be manipulable by humans. This magick is the final form of energies; following the bricks in a pyramid example, these are the structures that hold up other blocks. It takes 2 unique blocks to hold up another block, and so on.

Bricks Reference: The Structure of Magick (Part 1 / Part 2)

Tertiary Magick:

  • Time (??? + ???)
  • Control (2nd Earth [Gravity] + 2nd Fire [Elec])
  • Space (2nd Earth + 2nd Water [???] + 2nd Fire)
  • Gate (2nd Earth + 1st Fire + 1st Water // Wind Optional)
  • Creation (2nd Life [anything above healing] + 1st Spirit)

This topic is open to discussion since it is mostly theory (though I have delved into Control and done much work with Gate).

SO this is a story about my day. Today I woke up in my new home, a home right off the town square featured in the hit movie Groundhog Day. Yes, sirree, I’m living on that Square. Life here is pretty fabulous. Unfortunately life at home is not as fab as it is on the Square, and I normally would get my therapy (for gender deviance) over skype, but there is no internet in this house yet.

So off I go at 8 in the bloody morning off on a spontaneous adventure! I didn’t even bother to call in to my therapist to tell her I was coming into the City for the entire duration of this little excursion, cuz I like surprises or something. Anywho I went to the train station which is happily right on the other side of the Square from where I live, but the train wouldn’t arrive for another 2 hrs. =(

I read on facebook that a friend of mine who works on the square and was hurt recently (for lifting 50 pound slabs of chocolate more than necessary, she got a herniated disk) would be attempting to go into work today, so I wandered into my favorite bar (it’s a TEA bar) and waited so I could wish her a good day. Unfortunately 930 rolled around and she had yet to show up, so back to the train I went. As it turns out, she did hear of me coming in to wish her a good day, so I unwittingly accomplished my first semi-random act of kindness. Good Karma ^_^ .

Back to the train station, I got on at 9:45 and got a lovely train ride into Chicago. I got off where I intended to (clybourn) at 10:30, which got me a cool 2 hrs and 20 minutes to make my appointment. Then I pulled up the address on my mobile device and realized I planned to get off at the wrong damn stop. :mellow: I meant to get off at Irving Park. -.- Not a big deal I thought, I’ll just walk there. I figure I’ve got some good karma on my plate so a brisk walk can’t hurt. To my dismay after the first 2 miles I checked my phone again and saw I had another 3.5 miles to go. :angry: Well… so much for karma I thought. This is the relative route without revealing where my therapist is if you are curious what the intersections look like: I managed to walk another 2 miles before my foot was like: “No More!” (i injured it pretty bad last week, I just recently got well enough to stop walking with a cane.) I happened to see a cab just as I was about to give out. :huh: There’s that Karma paying off I said to myself.

The taxi ride was smooth and as the last mile and a half passed by I saw just how utterly impossible the rest of my trek would have been without it, and to my joy the cabbie said the GPS gave him a slightly longer route than he would have liked, so I only got charged half price, though I did give a 20% tip anyways. Good Karma paid off?

My session was fun and that’s all I’ll say on that matter. Although when I arrive my therapist was quite surprised to see me there. By the way, with the long arse walk and the heat and the lack of sidewalks on some parts and the hellish 5-way intersections and the cabbie I made it with 2 whole minutes to spare.

So I started headed home; I took a nice shortcut right around the back of the overpass I didn’t know about and got to the outbound ramp with 3 hrs <_< til the next train to the Square (I missed the last train by ten minutes, but I doubt I could make it with my therapy schedule). Fortunately there was a train only an hr from my time that would go to the city I used to live, and I figured I could get a ride from my parents. I went and got something to eat locally and got on the train shortly after. A few stops from the end of the line I called my parents. :( No response. I called a friend or two and one was busy and one didnt answer. I was hopeless for about 10 minutes and then the friend who didn’t answer called and agreed to take me home from there. :lol:

My friend gets lost kind of easy, but she managed to make it to me just in time for my phone to die (from GPSing a 5 mile walk mostly, it hurts the battery a lot). She also managed to get lost about 4 times around the Square, and we ended up on the wrong way of a busyish one-way street :mellow: for a bit, but we corrected it pretty easy without being noticed by any sort of authority figure. Good karma paid off?

We eventually made it to the Square and I had a lovely few hours with my friend.  We went back to the Tea Bar and I learned my friend who works there was indeed having a good day and got my memo, and that her and my friend were old friends. I treated my friend to a fancy drink and fun chat ensued. On this note, all the bartenders/shoppeworkers already like me because I’ve been coming in every day bringing some much needed joy to the Square.

Anywho, my friend went home and I paid my rent, and I returned to the Tea Bar for a drink. I realized later I’m not supposed to drink this week, so that’s good, but I managed 1 drink before realizing. Anywho, as I was ordering my first drink, I overheard some girl mention it was her birthday, so I passed the bartender a note to offer the birthday girl a fancy (and super expensive) truffle of her choosing, but I wished to remain anonymous. The bar staff was so floored by my gesture that they didn’t even charge me for the truffle, but I ended up tipping them the exact amount it would have cost anyways. I wanted to remain anonymous because of a few reasons. 1) I didn’t want to seem like I was flirting. 2) I didn’t want any praise, as doing things solely for praise generates bad karma. and 3) I wanted to enact one completely Random Act of Kindness for the day.

The girl was overjoyed and I’m glad I could bring some mystery to her birthday, even though she outspoke “but I didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday!” and the bartender pointed out “you did mention it earlier, maybe one of our fellow patrons overheard you.” Anywho, I left shortly after they did as I realized I shouldn’t be drinking (it’s a week before major surgery)… and went to an actual bar. Well, I only went to the bar (a hippie tavern) to play one song, to see if I could get away with it. I put on Topographic Ocean, double checked with the owner that that was okay, got a “hell yeah”, and left after the song played through (an hour later).



1. Do good for others and you will be rewarded.

2. Life is an adventure, so live it as much as you can.

3. Push yourself when you can, but don’t push yourself beyond what’s healthy.

4. Never lose hope, it’s right around the corner. You just have to look for it, wave it over, or wait and hope for the best.

Anchors Away!

So there’s these things I like to call anchors , and I won’t really get into the finer details (ever) but these anchors serve a few functions. First and foremost, since the anchor is a soulforge, they let me put enchantments on a person that last much longer than simple spells that would otherwise need to be redone and refurbished every couple days or weeks (I only need to refurbish my barrier spells about once every 6 months to 2 years, depending on the barrier). Second, they let me track those individuals within a decent radius of myself if I’m ‘looking’ for them. Third they give me a focal point to travel to when I’m between dimensional planes, a kind of “home is here” point. And lastly there are the side affects…

Since I am connected in part to the anchors I place, I get some backfire from them. If feelings are strong enough those feelings can come back at me. For example one of only two current people with an anchor on them (not counting myself) recently got news about something fairly upsetting. So this person whom I love is suffering and the only thing I can do about it is force myself to empathize some of the pain. I started crying a few hours ago and didn’t particularly know why until she texted me. Now I know why; but would I remove the anchor? No, because even though we may be separated due to circumstances, I still care about her, and would do pretty much anything for her. I suppose all I can do for now is take some miniscule % of her pain away.

This is a rather confusing subject, since in many cultures the two are synonyms, and even I slip occasionally calling one the other. One of the major confusions, at least for me, is deciding what to call the force behind a Spirit/Elder Tree (not the wood named elder, mind you). For a simple definition think of it this way:

Spirit = Base to sentient life, indestructible

Soul = Refined Spirit, cannot recess, destructible only under very particular circumstances

In using the example of a Spirit Tree, and the previous post on Elementals and Divines, there seems to be a fine line between the two. While most true Spirit Trees can ‘speak’ (if you know how to listen that is) which gives the idea that a soul is attached, a tree does not actually have a brain to allow for vast memory collection. A brain and heart are the things that refine a spirit into a soul. Even if the soul were to transcend its origin body and merge with a tree, there should not be enough dataspace for the age old wisdom an Elder Tree contains. The only explanations therefor, logically, is that any given Elder Tree is either a living artifact or an avatar, although an avatar makes far less sense if you think about it. This example specifically is to show why there is confusion. As one Elder Tree told me, although it has since been cut down, “I do not have an answer to existence. I am me, that is all.” (that’s the best translation I can give, I’m not going to type out old language).

Now then, for an easier look at the difference, a spirit is a basic planar lifeform. While they lack memory retention or data encoding, they have the potential to become several things. Recall back to the Elemental post one post back, where a spirit can become an Elemental. Now recall many posts back when I described what aura’s are. Recall that the aura of a person reflected their primary and recessive elements as well at their moods? See a similarity? When a spirit merges with a body (such as the technical birth of a human after that human gains a heart and a brain), it gains a more ‘solid’ form, but also retains spirit residue. The reason for this is twofold.

First, a spirit’s merge with a living thing creates a soul. A soul is capable of encoding portions of data alongside the brain, and emotions alongside the heart and brain combination. However that soul keeps hold of some residual spirit, to house the aura of the soul. Think of the birth of a soul much like a seed. The seed contains the potential to become a plant, but only with the right ingredients (water and heat; heart and mind), and then the shell of the seed is not destroyed, and often only partially used. This shell is the residual spirit/aura.

Second, the spirit, as a non-physical planar being, can go on to create new souls should the original body (attachment point) have either of it’s focal points (heart and mind) destroyed. Usually there is a time limit on how long before the soul and spirit detaches, but that is different per body. Anywho, apart from the pseudo-medical interest…. In this way the spirit goes back to being a base spirit, and the soul moves on to wherever it is going. [[In the case of rebirth, a spirit will automatically be placed by a higher divine (a god, demigod, or angel) on a body that is given a reborn soul. Divines have a plan, but I am not at liberty to discuss it further. Just think of it as matchmaking for now.]]

Knowing this, one can see a spirit cannot be destroyed, as it is a base sentient force. Souls however can, as they are much more ‘solid’ at least in the sense that souls don’t pass through planes without a level of experience/active effort. Destroying souls however is nearly impossible for a human, although damage can be done, and usually damage is done to the soul of the person trying to do the damaging. (It’s like, the worst case of karma you’ll ever cross.) Soul shattering is not actual destruction, but the permanent damage done when a mortal attempts this level of magick. That is all I am allowed to say on the subject, but basically put: Don’t try anything you don’t know you can do. Even simple magick can cause soul fractures for a newbie.

This is mostly speculative as I try to avoid having dealings with Elementals.

Anywho, an Elemental, or living element, is a spirit that has taken form with an element. Much like a spirit that takes form with a living body creates a soul, a spirit can also take hold of an element if the element is abundant enough. The way I see this being done is due to spirits’ ability to cross planes willy nilly.

I have heard of elemental planes, the origins of the four element, and light and shadow (which I assume is where Shadowbeasts come from). I’ve never personally found these planes, other than light and shadow assuming the two void zones are them. For now, let’s assume the void zones are not element origin planes.

Anywho, in these planes are basically a vast abundance of the primary element associated with it. For example, the plane of water could look like an endless ocean, just without air or with as little as possible. Logically speaking the plane of air would have to be one plane away, and would probably just be very, uh, airy. Seems dull. The fire plane would look like an ocean of flames. The earth plane would probably look more like an ocean of green or brown energies since base elements often lack solidity.

When a spirit travels through a plane such as these, the abundance available can create a body, so to speak, for the spirit to merge with. And thus born is an Elemental.

Now, I’ve been involved in a Eastern Philosophy class this semester, and one of the last things we mentioned was Jainism. During class an example was given using a lighter that flicking it on and off was killing millions of living particles. Based on my understanding of elements, Elementals, and interplanar magick, I would like to argue this example. While the Jain philosophy is correct that putting out a fire could kill flame Elementals, a fire must exist for so long and be so big for an Elemental to use it as a conduit. As far as I am aware Elemental spirits can only pass between planes via an active element in the desired plane. IE a bonfire. Then the Elemental can either planar shift to travel around without people seeing a living flame, or it can “dance” in the fire, a common phenomenon with Elementals (since *most* Elementals are primal, and have little individual thought process, and no need to breed and feed, many are seen simply dancing about).

So to say that every time you flick a lighter is killing Elementals is wrong, however suddenly putting out a bonfire with an opposing element (earth or water in this case) could indeed sever the ‘life’ of any Elementals present.

And even then the spirit itself isn’t killed, only the new being that is the Elemental. The spirit will go back to doing whatever it is base spirits do (which as far as I know is floating around aimlessly between planes).

If the Jains were so concerned with killing any Elemental, then breathing would be a big problem. Air Elementals, or Living Winds, are vastly abundant in this world. Living spirits with a body made of wind, the air Elementals are invisible to men, and exist amongst other winds, dancing along ‘happily’. Breathing would then destroy any wind Elementals that happened to pass by, simply because of the interaction between a primal spirit and a soul’s body (higher forms of spirits could survive the trip, and these are usually malevolent anyways).

Boiling water or even drinking water would be another issue. Elementals tend to prefer locations devoid of human life, and will be more abundant in places like forests and valleys and deserts and so forth. Water Elementals are so proliferative and as far as I know having the smallest body size that they have come to be called River Spirits and Water Sprites (a Sprite is simply a tiny Elemental) by some. Tending to reside in rivers and waterfalls would be a downside with any traveling monks around that didn’t want to use well water. (Well water is often devoid of spirits, but that is not something I’m going to take the time to get into. It’s all really boring until you find a real wishing well.)

Earth Elementals are actually quite resilient, and would be unlikely to be destroyed by humans except in very extreme circumstances. Actually I can’t really fathom a way to kill an Earth elemental since their polar opposite is Air. Even mining with erosive tactics or explosives would be unlikely to do much harm. (if you recall earth trumps fire, so fire cannot trump earth, only alter earth’s form).

As for light and shadow Elementals? I’ve never seen a light Elemental myself, but I have seen and interacted with shadow Elementals… if you can call having them whisper things in the old language ‘interaction’. You would think light would kill a shadow elemental (whom I call shadowbeasts) but I have seen them happily jumping around in the light, although they seem to planar shift shortly after coming into light only to unshift in the shadows. So all in all I think the Jain’s views are morally sound, but practically speaking pretty impossible and slightly overstated on fire’s part.

This post may develop over time, as I think of terms that need input on them, or if people bring up terms that I can source check and verify the need to add.

The reason for this post is because the American-English language, which isn’t even a real individual language anyways, has a lot of misspellings and improper synonyms, either because of fictional overuse of a term (such as wizard and warlock) or because people are simply too lazy and decided to reduce the spelling to be slightly more phonetic (such as magick and manna).

(this list is currently not in alphabetical order. I will work on it more at a later date, but want to get my thoughts out now before bed)

  • Mage
  • Manna – this is the proper spelling of mana (used in videogames); a pool of energy that you can use to perform personal magick
  • Sage – a scholar or teacher of magick and the history thereof, usually keep to themselves
  • Warlock – a defected or outcast witch
  • Wizard – English (UK) version of male witches, last recorded officially was Merlin – most practitioners now stick to “witch” regardless of gender
  • Witch Doctor – African shamanic medicine (wo)man, usually keep to themselves
  • Witch – cover term for any practitioner of magick practicing under one of the paths that follow the Goddess (pagan paths such as the greek and roman pantheons have different term)
  • Magick – energy that makes up all aspects of the universe, alternate planes, and spiritual planes
  • Magic – an improper spelling of magick, so we shall attribute this to what entertainment magicians practice
  • Magician – professional entertainers using illusions and slide of hand to trick the senses
  • Magi
  • Priest/Priestess – one of the rankings of a witch granted by a coven or appointed official of the craft
  • Druid
  • Lore – the history of an event
  • Legend – a story of an event, of questionable truth, often has multiple versions
  • Myth – often unrealistic account to explain the origin of something; usually lacks truth or overexaggerates
  • Artifact – an object that holds a Divine’s blessing for use by mortals
  • Spell – any magick that is attributed to wordweaving or herbology
  • Rune – specific symbols holding specific magick powers
  • Tarot – cards that hold telepathic function, often have a soul (fragmented yet whole) of sorts attributed to each deck
  • Psychic – general usage of magick that involves the brain
  • Kinetic – ability to move objects
  • Telepathic – ability to read minds and fortunes (fate lines)
  • Aura – individual display of magick affiliations designated to a particular soul/body combination
  • Soul – a spirit that attaches and integrates with a body, holds fragments of memory
  • Divine – see post on Divines
  • Mortal – any non-Divine